Ombre Powder Brows

2 hrs 30 mins  $450 | $650

Powdery misty gradient finish for a makeup ready look.

Rate is inclusive of an aftercare kit and one additional free session within 2 months.

Microblading 6D Brows

2 hrs 30 mins  $490 | $690

Hair-like strokes are created to mimic natural brow hairs to create a super natural finish.

Rate is inclusive of a aftercare kit and one additional free session within 2 months.

Microshading 9D Brows

3 hrs  $550 | $750

Get the best of both worlds. An advanced technique to achieve fuller, natural and defined brows.

Rate is inclusive of an aftercare kit and one additional free session within 2 months.

Artysan Signature Brows

3 hrs  $690 | $890

The latest technique in the market that achieves ultra natural and defined brows. Hyper realistic hair like strokes are carefully implanted leaving a feathered outline that enhances the appearance of your brows so no one can tell they are drawn. Fluffy brows are yours to own now!

Rates is inclusive of an aftercare cream and one additional free session within 2 months.

Brows Touchup 

2 hrs 30 mins  $350 | $399


Rates are Exclusively for Existing Clients only (for one time use within a year).

Keep your brows looking fresh and beautiful by doing touch-up every 6 - 12 months from your last session which keeps it so on point.


Speak to our friendly beauty specialists for review and more info!

Brow Touchup

(Complimentary 2nd Session)

2 hrs | Free Second Session

Time to touch-up your brows from your 1st session to get the best result.


Book it in advance within 2 months from your 1st session to avoid missing the date. The complimentary touch up is valid for weekday sessions.


*Please book your touch up with your original artist.

**Additional charges apply for specific artist request.

***Kindly note that the complimentary 2nd session is valid only during weekdays and will be deem invalid if it is not utilized within the slated period.

Gentlemen Brows

2 hrs 30 mins  $690 | $890

Brows are an important facial feature as it frames the face, even for men. 


Jo Artysan takes pride in our ability to generate one of the most natural enhancement outcomes for men style brows by incorporating natural hair strokes pattern and shading where needed to create fuller eyebrows.

Tell us if you like it manicured or not and we will design something for you.


Brow Tinting

60 mins  $88

Brow Tinting is a colour service that uses henna dye to shape, enhance and thicken your natural brows so that you can save the hassle of having to fill them in everyday.


Brow Lamination

60 mins  $158

Hottest trend taking the industry by storm! Creates volume and fullness in your brows resulting in that Instagram mode perfect fluffy eyebrow look.


Consider it a Brazillian blow out for your brows.


Brow Shaping

15 mins  $15

A strand of hair makes a difference. Keep your brows neat and organized.


Upper lip / Face threading available too.


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