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Eyeliner Embroidery

Korean / Classic / Mega Doll


2 hrs  $350 - $650

Save time off your makeup routine and get the water and sweat proof eyeliner that you have always dream of. Wake up in the morning instantly with brighter beautifully looking eyes!


Korean Baby Eyeliner  $350 | $450

Classic Natural Eyeliner  $450 | $550

Mega Doll Eyeliner  $550| $650


Rates is inclusive of one free additional session within 2 months.

Eyeliner Embroidery (Complimentary 2nd Session)

1 hr 30 min  | Free Second Session

Time to touch up your eyeliner from your 1st session to get the best result. Book it in advance within 2 months from your 1st session to avoid missing the date.


**Kindly note that the complimentary 2nd session is applicable during happy artysan hours on weekdays from 11am - 5pm and will be deem invalid if it is not utilized within the slated period