Tokyo 1D Classic Lash

1 hr 30 min  $88

Light on volume and full on style, the full Classic is always sweet and gives a natural mascara looking effect.


Suitable for the lucky one blessed with good amount of natural lash to achieve My-Lash-But-Better result.

(Unlimited strand by strand lashes)

2D Hybrid Lash

2 hrs  $108

Wake Up Beautiful each morning with a Doll-like pair of eyes.


This set is a mixture of classic and volume lash for a fluffier finish. It gives your eyelashes an added dimension with the increased volume. Some booster in the lash department is always welcome!


(Unlimited strand by strand volume depending on client's natural lashes)

3D - 9D Volume Lash

2 hrs   $128 | $158 | $188

Become an instant Diva with your lash game strong! An eyeliner effect is achieved along with the intense fluff, great for clients who are experienced with lash extensions and love intensity. Up your lash intensity while maintaining them feathery soft!


3D - 4D Fairy $128 (Natural Volume)

5D - 6D Russian $158 (Glamour Volume)

7D - 9D Diva $188 (Mega Volume)


(Unlimited strand by strand volume depending on client's natural lashes)

Lash Extensions


1 hr 30 min | 60% price of new set

A touch up within 2-3weeks from your first session is recommended to keep the lashes full; at minimum 50% retention rate.

Lash removal is complimentary as long as a new set is done.

Lash Lift+Tint & Semi Permanent Mascara

1 hr  $88

Keratin Lash Lift Enhancement Eyelash Treatment that gives you that natural looking lift whilst protecting your lashes and giving you an illusion of length and volume.

- Keratin Lash Lift is not a perm and does not contain any harsh chemicals

- No Maintenance

- Great alternative to traditional eyelash extensions for clients with sensitive skin

Lash Extensions Removal

30 mins  $10 - $20

For lash extensions done by other salon, removal is at $20.

Lash Resurrection

60 mins | $450 Ala Carte

Package available

Want to own longer, fuller, thicker lashes because you can't stand your sparse lashes and don't like the idea of eyelash extensions?

Try this Lash regrowth treatment from Germany! See 1-3mm growth/session; natural visible lashes that belongs to you! 

For ideal results, 2-4 sessions is recommended.


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