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The Real Reason Why We are Mad At Disney

If you haven’t checked out Salem Ilese’s hit song, ‘Mad at Disney’, do it!

The song speaks for people who are crossed with Disney for setting unrealistic expectations of finding love, a Prince Charming and a happily ever after. It’s all for fun, though. As young children, we all find comfort in a sweet love story with a happy ending and sometimes, we trust them to be simply the truth and imagine ourselves in those fictional situations. Yet, when we grow up, we go to the severe acknowledgment that life doesn't generally hand you roses and white ponies!

In our take, it is the makeup and appearances of Disney characters that we blame for our unrealistic expectations! Take a look at these instances where Disney Princess have a full face of perfect makeup that looks like they can survive through another world war – compared with a realistic depiction of how it would actually look like in reality!

This is how it would look like if Disney Princesses wore realistic makeup:

1. “When Mulan effortlessly wiped off her eye makeup in two swipes with her sleeve, in reality, it wouldn’t have been so effortless”, and “Ariel’s mascara would have been no match for her lifetime underwater”.

2. “When Aurora’s eye make-up have been so resilient even after sleeping for such a long time, but in reality, we all know we wake up with smudge eyeliner and mascara even after a measly 30 mins nap”

But, wait

What if we told you, we CAN make your Disney dreams come true? With the magic power of semi-permanent makeup (literally)!

Having your brows, eyeliner, lips filled and colored in, you can live a life fit for a princess – or a Queen! Semi-permanent makeup will keep you looking fresh and on-point after a strenuous work out session or even after a swim. In other words, you will not have to face the harsh reality of constantly worrying about your eyeliner or mascara smudging throughout the day, or brows going missing. Gone are the days of applying and removing pesky mascara with the help of lash extensions or a lash lift and wake up looking like a princess.

Are you ready to make your dreams come true?

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Jo Artysan

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