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I have a perfectionist personality and I like my things done well. Jo did a very amazing job on my eyebrows. She listened and was very patient with my requests and what I wanted. In the end the shape I wanted is very satisfactory and perfect! High quality and natural!

And after past bad experiences with eyebrow embroidery other places, I can now safely and happily come back to Jo in the future for years to come! Thank you, Jo! You are awesome!

Dewi, customer

Award Winning Treatments

We are Singapore's most highly voted microblading aesthetics studio. Our raving reviews do not lie, so invest in the best and have the best assurance that you will fall in love with your treatments!

Why Us?

Experienced and Certified Artists

Feel assured and at ease with our highly skilled beauty artists, who are trained internationally, be at your service and ensuring that your treatment process is painless and comfortable!

100% High Quality Products

All our products are carefully chosen based on
stringent selection process as we believe in using only the best equipments and products for our valued clients.

Bespoke Treatments

We deliver customized results that is tailored specially for you because we believe every woman is individually unique and that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful.

Pink Marble

Have you ever wondered how much time you

have wasted on struggling to draw your eyebrows?

Now, can you imagine 92 hours of...

Restful sleep before a long day of work?

Quiet meaningful time for yourself or a loved one?

A relaxed breakfast time while indulging in social media news?


Most Voted Eyebrow Embroidery Service in Orchard Road

Leading Microblading Studio

Professional Certified Artists

Best Microblading Salon

in Singapore

Readers' Favourite 2020

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Best Brow Embroidery Salon

in Singapore

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With greater confidence, you are...

Able to go through your day with more energy and life! This means more time to rest instead of busy drawing equal eyebrows, perfecting your eyeliner, applying and tediously removing that waterproof mascara.

How our treatments can transform your life...

What should you expect from the treatment?

Step 1

Consult on the different brow services suitable for you.

Step 2

Select the colors & shape

(if you have light to blonde hairs, we can do it too!)

Step 3

Design brow according to golden ratio of your face

Step 4

Numbing cream application so you will feel ZERO to minimal discomfort.

Step 5

Sit back, relax, and let our beauty artists give you the bespoke royal treatment!

Enhance your confidence instantly after your treatment.

Zero downtime!


”I went to Jo after reading all the reviews about how professional their works are. Not forgetting all the staff there were very nice and makes you feels comfortable when you go for your appointment. Due to covid-19, safety measurements were also well taken care. I love the results of my brows because it looked so natural with or without makeup. Having a well defined natural looking brow makes your day a good one! Anybody who needs a good brow service should consider Jo Artysan as you will not be disappointed!! ♡

— Lynn Koh


I came to Jo Artysan after my friend did her eyebrows here. Decided to leave a review as my brows are fully healed now and I'm very satisfied with them because i finally have brows that looks fuller and so natural! The team is very patient with all my 101 questions and were very nice during my visit.

Best thing is no hard selling like other salons I've been to and I even had a good sleep while doing my eyebrows. My experience here was really comfortable. Thumbs up! 👍🏻

— Alice Lim


"...turned out so pretty and flattering and it totally exceeded my expectations!! ... I am

so glad I chose

Jo Artysan out of all the other salons out there."


"...she kept checking on me if the numbness has gone away and if I felt any discomfort. It was so comfy that I fell asleep quite a few times... amazing first experience!"


"I had the Gentleman's Brows from Jo and I’m thrilled with the results. Excellent services, brilliant brows and convenient location."

Frequently asked questions

Is microblading painful?

Your fears are understandable. We will do our best to make sure you are comfortable! Numbing cream will be applied before the microblading process so you will feel zero to minimal discomfort. Find comfort in 90% of the responses from our post-treatment survey displayed that the treatment was painless! As you can see, these are the customer’s actual words immediately after the session. We acknowledge that pain is relative - different people have different threshold.

How long is the downtime after the microblading treatment?

We are pleased to tell you that there is no downtime! It will take 7 to 14 days for your brows to heal, during which this period, you will notice some scabbing which is completely normal in the process. Our therapists will advise you on the after-care and answer any other queries you might have after the treatment.

How long will the treatment process take?

Our brow microblading treatment takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours. Find other treatment process below: • Brow tinting: 60 mins • Brow lamination: 60 mins • Brow threading: 15 mins • Eyeliner embroidery: 2 hours • Eyeliner touch up: 1.5 hours • Classic lash: 1.5 hours • 2D hybrid lash: 2 hours • 3D-9D volume lash: 2 hours • Lash touch up: 1.5 hours • Lash lift + tint & semi-permanent mascara: 1 hour • Lash extensions removal: 30 mins • Lash resurrection: 60 mins • Nano hairline embroidery: 3 hours • Lip blushing: 3 hours Find our price menu here:

Will my brows look thick and dark after the treatment?

Many fear that they will look like 'Crayon Shinchan' after the treatment. Rest assured that we will not let you walk out looking like that! How dark or natural your brows will look depends on the colour and shape that is selected with approval by you :)

Are your equipments brand new and sterilized?

Yes. We use brand new needles and equipment for every new treatment and all equipments are thoroughly sterilized before the next customer. We uphold the standardization of strict hygiene and sanitation at Jo Artysan, so feel assured that you will be well taken care of from the start til even post-treatment.

Will my eyebrow embroidery slowly turn red or green after sometime?

At Jo Artysan, we are 100% committed to using very high quality colour pigments and this assures you that the colour will not fade into unsightly shades of green, blueish-grey or red.

Can I do eyebrow embroidery when I am pregnant?

We do not recommend expectant ladies to do embroidery treatments as there are no studies on how the contents in pigments used in microblading might affect the fetus. Additionally, pregnancy hormones may hinder the healing process and results may not be ideal. However you can always come back after you have delivered and we will be happy to transform you into a beautiful mummy!

I have done eyebrow embroidery before, can I do a new treatment?

We recommend you sending a picture of your current brows to us so that we can assess it for you. If your current embroidery is already faded or thinning, we will be able to give a new treament. However, if it is very dark or thick, our beauty artists will need to assess the condition thoroughly prior to securing a treatment for you.

Can i exercise right after the treatment?

We highly recommend to refrain from exercising the first 4 days after the treatment. This is to prevent sweat and bacteria from entering the treatment area and keeping it clean. However, if you feel the need to exercise, we recommend you to only engage in light and gentle exercises.

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