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What are the Top Commons Misconceptions of Microblading People Have?

Updated: May 20

So what exactly is ‘Microblading’?

It may not be an alienated term but can still be new to some. Microblading basically, is a form of semi-permanent make-up that fills in sparse eyebrow areas to make them appear fuller using a small handheld tool with teeny, tiny needles.

Origins of Microblading

As per our research from several online resources, our understanding on the origins of Microblading began in China(surprise!). But, how long has microblading been around? Some would say it is exceptionally old and some would say it is developed recently and begun in the Western culture exclusively only by year 2010. While in Asia counterparts like Singapore and Korea, it dates to the year 2005. The Asian community also used to know microblading under the name "Eyebrow Embroidery", which directs us to the point it is likely developed in an Asian counterpart.

“Eyebrow Embroidery” is simply an umbrella term for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo, a process that involves implanting pigments beneath the dermal surface of the skin with tiny disposable needles. However, this technology has evolved over the years and now houses various styles and techniques. This broadly includes and not limited to; microblading, microshading, nanoblading, micro-feathering etc.

- Traditional Eyebrow Embroidery

The first and initial style of eyebrow embroidery. This technique uses a machine to implant ink into the skin which will be permanent and will last anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime. This technique often leaves a permanent effect and changes color over time, causing the initial color to turn red, blue, or grey over the years.

- New Age Eyebrow Embroidery

Over the years, Eyebrow Embroidery has gained popularity around the globe and is even widely practiced in Western cultures. New techniques include Microblading and Microshading, which uses an advanced type of pigment that gives a semi-permanent effect that lasts for 1-2 years. This allows anyone to change up their eyebrow look as they age and/or changes in style and preference. This technique is also widely practiced in today’s world as nobody wants to be left with unsightly and discolored brows for their lifetime!

So, moving on, let our professionals at Jo Artysan debunk some myths about Microblading!

1. Microblading is extremely painful!

Image Source: EyeTheBrows

Our Answer: (haha) No! We recognize this as one of the top concerns especially for first time clients. Microblading only implants pigments into the dermal surface of the skin, which is not as deep as traditional tattooing. Numbing cream will also be applied to the treatment area, ensuring you have a comfortable session as much as possible. Even our clients with low pain threshold rated the discomfort level to be only 2/10 or lesser – some even slept throughout the session and affirmed that there was no discomfort at all! Our professionals will also check in with you every now and then to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable.

2. The procedure is permanent

Our Answer: False! Microblading is semi-permanent and will last 1-2 years, the longevity will also be factored by individual skin type and lifestyle. The pigments will not change into funky colors like green, blue, red or grey. In fact, the pigments will just lose its original saturation and slowly fade, revealing your own skin color overtime and you may freshen up your microblading with a touch up session!

3. Microblading does not look natural

Our Answer: False as well! Microblading aims to create a natural look that does not leave you with dark, angry and harsh looking brows. The result of the microblading is controlled using pigments that suit your skin tone and hair color. After your brows have healed from the treatment, the pigments will look soft, giving you that natural-effortless look!

Take a look at our Artysan Signature Brow style that aims to achieve ultra-realistic hairlike strokes that looks just like your own brow hairs!

4. Everyone will experience the same microblading results

Ans: Myth! Not everyone will achieve the same results from microblading. Referring to point 2, each individual is unique and so will be their microblading treatment and this is why a pre-procedure consultation is so, so important for our professionals to understand your desired result! This includes assessing your natural brow hairs, skin type and lifestyle before recommending the most suitable treatment, technique and style for you. Of course, the shape and color will be determined by you and we will only begin once you are truly happy with and approve the shape of the outlined brows.

Now we have imparted some knowledge of microblading on to you, you can put your mind at ease knowing that you will be in great hands with our professionals at Jo Artysan – we know our stuff and are constantly upgrading our skills to match with the newest technologies in the market. Our clients deserves the best and we are commitment to Beautifying the World – One Brow At A Time!


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