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Should You Go For Ombre Powder, 6D Microblading or 9D Microshading Brows?
Let Singapore's LEADING Eyebrow Embroidery Specialist Help You Decide.

Hello ladies,

As you’re currently going on the internet, searching up all the different eyebrow embroidery options, and trying to determine which particular type of brow service will best suit you…

You would have probably come across some technical jargon that you’re not familiar with and may feel confused.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal!

It can be very confusing to even understand the differences between all these types of embroidery, let alone pick one you would feel comfortable with.

So now, it’s time to clear the air by explaining what all these different styles of eyebrow embroidery really mean:




Ombre Powder brows which are commonly known as misty brows are a semi-permanent embroidery solution, giving a soft powder filled brow similar to a fresh make up look.

The tails of the brows are darker, and fade into a lighter shade towards the beginning of the brow, which is where it gets its ombre name.

This is the solution you want if you’re trying to achieve a highly defined, yet equally elegant look of Amal Clooney, Beyoncé, Song Hye-Kyo and Park Shin-Hye!

Notwithstanding, this would best fit ladies with no brow hairs at all.


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Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture and a semi permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural.

Micro-needles are positioned like a “nanoblade” in order to reshape, enhance or touch up the eyebrow. This “nanoblade” is dipped into a pigment, then used to finely implant featherweight strokes on the epidermis layer of the skin along the outlines of your eyebrow. 


Think of it as cosmetic tattooing very fine lines in your eyebrow to make it look like natural hairs! With fuller eyebrows that come with an “untouched” look, this is the new trend in today’s world due to its hassle-free nature, because:

Going through this procedure just once means you no longer have to spend hours pencilling in your own eyebrows, while taking the risk of getting the shape wrong! 


By reducing the time taken for preparation and makeup, many women are opting for this so that they can save a lot of precious time in the mornings when everything can be a rush!

This would best fit ladies who are already blessed with a good amount of brow hair. 


So pretty! 😍❤

The softer, enhanced version of microblading - microshading is essentially a combination of the powder brows and microblading procedures – in addition to tattooing in lines, you also draw in dots between the lines that leads to a fuller brows with more density!

This brow service would technically suit ladies with little to sparse and/or super fine hair and yet want to achieve natural and fluffy looking brows. 


Now that you understand all the main concepts and differences of eyebrow embroidery, the only thing that remains…

Is to determine which one will best suit your eyebrows and face!

This is where it gets tricky. Because depending on your eyebrow type, face shape, skin complexion etc., any of the above solutions could be the most ideal for you. In other words:


There is no standard correct answer as to which eyebrow embroidery service is best for you!


This is something we at Jo Artysan understand clearly, due to our experience with a wide and varied clientele over the years.


Before coming to use, most of our clientele usually already have something in mind. But more often than not, they would end up opting for a different solution to the one they initially wanted. That is because there are SO many variables when it comes to determining the best type of eyebrow patterns, thickness and tone for each and every individual!


Jo Artysan is professionally trained with multiple academies internationally and hold certificates from Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Europe.


With these varied and diverse skill sets, and knowing what works best for the different types of skin in both the East and West countries came an important and valuable skill:

The ability to determine which eyebrow embroidery service, eyebrow shape and type will best suit you, no matter what facial features you have!

There are many others out there who are also able to perform microblading, microshading and ombre powder fill services. But what keeps our happy and loyal customers coming back is the fact that they will always receive the most suitable service with regards to their face shape and personal preferences!

To us, it is all about creating the best possible eyebrows for each and every face type – a completely bespoke, 100% tailored approach for every single individual who walks through our doors!

So today, if you’re looking to get your eyebrows done, but are unsure or uncertain about what to choose, visit us and let us help you make the right choice SPECIFICALLY for your face type!


To take the next step, simply click on this link to visit our online booking system.

We can't wait to see you soon!



Jo Artysan

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