"Why are there 3 different pricings and what is the difference between the artist levels?"

The 3 different pricing reflects our artist/ senior/ director prices respectively. Artists:
They are the perfect ones for clients who are looking for good service while staying within a friendly beauty budget. They are well-versed in the knowledge of semi-permanent makeup while building their professional abilities and skills. Their experience and skill-set are hence price reflective as the lowest tier in the 3 pricing levels. Senior Artist:
Our senior artists advance as their customer base grows; these artists have usually spent time, sometimes years, in entry-level junior positions before attaining Senior artist stature. When artists reach a senior level, they have the knowledge and skills that equate to a higher cost for the customer than those fees charged by artists. They typically have 5- 10 years of experience behind the chair and are well equipped to offer more advanced solutions for more complex beauty requirements. Director:
Our Director is the founder, helm and icon of Jo Artysan where she steers the direction of Jo Artysan. She comes up with new treatments and continuously forge ahead with latest designs and invent new techniques. Our director trains and mentors our artists, guiding them to move up the levels to senior artists. Our director generally has a larger yet exclusive client base, where she works mostly on her regular clients. Her experience ranges from using a variety of microblading techniques and methods that artists might not know and possess. While it has always been Jo Artysan's passion and best interest in curating the best pair of beautiful brows and other services for our clients, we seek clients' understanding that the skill set, experiences and final results may differ between the 3 levels of artists, like any other salons and products, which is also hence reflected across the 3 different pricing.

“Are there any other hidden costs?”

There is absolutely no hidden costs, and this is our nett pricing. Our pricing includes a one time complimentary touch up within 2 months. This excludes weekends, PH eve and PH. Client may choose to come on a weekend, PH eve, and PH but there will be a nominal surcharge of $80 for these peak period.

"Why must I put down a deposit?"

This deposit is to help you confirm, secure and lock your preferred appointment slot. As Jo Artysan operates strictly by appointment basis only. Each allocated appointed slot is typically up to 3 hours which we will specially block up for you and not accept any other clients for the specific time. Hence, this is to ensure our clients stay committed to their appointment as we are, so that we do not waste or deprive other clients of the specific time slot. This deposit will be used to off-set the final amount on the day of the appointment. "Will I get back my deposit if I cancel or change my appointment?" As we will specially block up up to 3hours for each service per booking, and not accept any other clients for the specific time for the designated artist. Hence to ensure all our lovely clients appreciate and respect our time just as how we respect theirs, and more importantly not to deprive other clients of a precious allocated booking slot, the below will regretfully result in forfeit of the booking deposit: -Cancellations of appointment. -Change of appointment with less than 48-hour notice. -Failure to show up on the appointment time.

What does the Price for Brow/Eyeliner/Hairline/Lip Blush treatment includes?

Clients will be pleased to know that our price comes with 1x complimentary touch up* within 2 months from the first session. *Weekdays only (Excluding weekends, eve of PH and PH) Prices are Net.

I am not sure which Brow types/eyeliners that I shld go for yet, must I decide now during booking and can I change?

Yes, clients can decide and change which Brow types and eyeliner services to go for after the consultation with our artists on the appointment day itself.

"How long is the downtime?"

The downtime is about 7-10 days. The recommendation is to not let water touch your brows for the first 7 days after your treatment. However, different people heal differently due to several factors. You will be surprised to know that some individuals heal within 2-3 days! On the flip side, there are outlier cases that take 21 days to heal. We recommend waiting a minimum of 1 month before getting further treatments done on the brows. This is to ensure that your skin heals fully! After your treatment, an aftercare card will be imparted to you! Follow our aftercare card closely for the best result!

"How long can microblading last me for?"

Up to 1-2 years** This depends on your skin type and lifestyle, whether you spend more time indoors or outdoors. If you are always actively outdoors, constantly doing sports under the hot sun, the longevity of the brows may not last as long lasting as someone who is always in the office or indoors, and who doesn't sweat as much. When you have a more active lifestyle, or if you have combination to oily skin, the pigment tend to fade out faster. Hence, this still varies for each individual as it may last 6 months for some whilst it may last 2 years for others!

"Will my brows be very dark?"

It will be slightly darker on the 2nd to 5th day after the treatment. However, do beware as you may get addicted to the darkness!
As part of the healing process, the scabs will eventually fall off and the colour will lighten up to 50%!

"What is Microblading and Microshading? Are they the same as embroidery?"

‘Embroidery', is the general umbrella term for cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent makeup. Microblading and microshading is an innovative and effective solution to achieve fuller looking eyebrows through the form of semi-permanent cosmetic makeup. In this treatment procedure, colour pigments are implanted in the dermal layer of the skin with a handheld tool or machine to create fuller looking eyebrows. Microblading uses an ultra fine blade to implant pigments and create fine, hair-like strokes while microshading involves placing pin-like dots all over the brow area to fill in sparse spots, mimicking the appearance of a ‘powdery’ brow look. Do speak to our professional consultant at +65 88892880 for advice as to which services would fit you best! :)

"Does it hurt?"

Out of 10, with 10 being the most painful, it is always rated between 0 - 2 out of 10 by almost all of our clients.

"Who is a suitable candidate for embroidery?"

Generally, everyone can get an embroidery treatment. However, as a precaution, anyone who currently falls under these categories should not try microblading.
- Taking accutane or any blood-thinning medications
- Pregnant
- Currently undergoing chemo or radiotherapy
- Diabetic
- Have infectious diseases Please reach us for a non-obligatory consultation to learn more.

"How long does the session take?"

The whole process will take about 2.5 hours from start to finish.
This includes a personalized consultation before the treatment, drawing and designing of brows based on your golden facial morphology ratio, numbing cream and the actual treatment itself. You will be glad to know that we specifically allocate ample time for each of our client for their session so that the process is not rushed.

"What kind of pigment do you use?"

Do you know that not all pigment are created equal? At Jo Artysan, we only use High Quality Premium pigments from Europe and Korea (Organic) as your brow are totally worth it. If you like to opt for organic Plant based pigment, please inform our artist.

"What type of Brow service should I go for?"

It generally depends on what you are after and also the existing status of your brows. As we have different brow services to suit different needs, please do contact us via whatsApp at +65 8889 2880 for a non obligatory discussion to learn more.