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Top Salons in Singapore for Microblading and Eyebrow Embroidery

"Get eyebrows that wow at these eyebrow embroidery and

microblading salons in Singapore"

Are you ready to become the most beautiful version of YOU? Located in the heart of Orchard Road, award-winning boutique, Jo Artysan offers professional and bespoke services that are tailored to be as unique as you.

If you’re looking for a powdery misty gradient finish for a makeup-ready look, go for the Ombre Powder Brows. For a super natural finish, try the Microblading Brows as this service uses hair-like strokes to mimic natural brow hairs.

Get the best of both worlds with Jo Artysan’s advanced technique and achieve the most natural and fuller defined brows with Microshading 9D Brows. To achieve an ultra natural and defined brows, go for Artysan Signature Brows where brow artists create hyper realistic hair-like strokes that are carefully implanted, leaving a feathered outline enhancing your brows.

Specialising in crafting super natural brows that are set to last up to 2 years, Jo Artysan’s brow artists see only 3 to 4 brow clients who usually comes through referrals. Prioritising quality over profit, hundred of clients leave Jo Artysan feeling happy, beautiful and satisfied. With highly skilled brow artists, who are trained internationally, at your service be assured that your microblading process is pain free and comfortable!

WhatsApp: +65 8889 2880

Opens: 10am-8pm (Tues to Sat). Strictly By Appointment Only.

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