Why Choose Jo Artysan?


Welcome to Jo Artysan: Become the most Beautiful version of YOU

As Singapore’s #1 provider of semi-permanent make-up solutions, including microblading, eyeliner, lips and hairline embroidery, eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and tinting, we take our job very seriously. Our story begins when we found out we were destined to create a different kind of beauty aesthetic boutique – one that would take women’s distinct beauty needs into account. 


Nestled in an oasis of peace and tranquility, we have years of experience in helping women look and feel their best – through the power of cutting-edge beauty treatments. If you thought you were forced to look the way you do forever, because it’s “how you were born,” you were wrong. You CAN change your brows, lashes, and more. We’ll help you find the perfect solution, using breakthrough techniques and trends trusted by Korea’s TOP beauty experts.Our philosophy is simple: Every woman deserves to look and feel gorgeous from the inside out, getting the royal treatment she needs to not only feel more beautiful, but more confident too. We are here to redefine the industry by catering to a wider-than-ever range of women.

The Jo Artysan Promise

We provide a service for absolutely anyone...

We know it is difficult to choose a beauty salon for your semi permanent make up needs given the competition in the market these days. Yes, you will be spoilt for choices. Our clients understand that we are the country’s most prized hidden gem, offering services that are professional, personalized, and most importantly, all about you. Having served clients from all walks of lives, and being awarded Most Loved by expats and locals in the community for microblading services, we do NOT offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our services are tailored to be just as unique as you. With today’s “information overload,” we’re here to help you make easier, better decisions. At the end of the day, we want all our clients to work with someone that you can trust. We always work towards building a long term relationship on mutual respect and your satisfaction is our 100% priority. Choose Jo Artysan, and you won’t be disappointed.That’s the Jo Artysan promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep.

We provide a peace of mind...

As a beauty aesthetic boutique, we focus on and are highly specialized in semi-permanent make-up solutions – including microblading, eyeliner and hairline embroidery, eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and tinting services in Singapore. We may be boutique, but we’re provide only bespoke services that brings you only the best! As a dedicated, passionate, young, and DRIVEN team, we care deeply about your unique needs. We wouldn’t offer any service that we wouldn’t personally use ourselves and are commited to upgrade ourselves with the latest available technology.

We vow to deliver the most value for your hard-earning money.
That’s the Jo Artysan promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep. So sit back, relax, and get pampered with that treatment fit for a King or Queen.

We operate in a clean and beautiful environment...

We pride ourselves in service excellence and we have created our Jo Artysan salon to be in pristine, hygienic environment for the ultimate soothing comfort for all clients. We have also stepped up our safety measures and guidelines to ensure our clients feel relaxed and safe in the environment. Coupled with the high quality pigments and advanced tools and equipments, Jo Artysan positions themselves to own the highest standards in the industry.

We listen to your needs...

Jo Artysan believes that each and every individual is uniquely beautiful. And so are your beauty and aesthetics needs.

Our Jo Artysan specialists listen attentively to each and every of your needs to achieve your desired result. As we pride ourselves as leaders in the semi-permanent makeup industry, our promise is to offer genuine advice and to work on a personal level with your good self to achieve your ultimate desired result!

We are honest...

We always have our clients' best interests at heart. Our prices are upfront and transparent and we will assist our clients with cost savings where applicable. Through professional assessment, if we believe that we are unable to achieve the desired results or that you are unsuitable for the treatments and services, you will be turned away. Our professionals will not perform any treatments or work that we feel is inappropriate or which we feel will not benefit you.

We only begin the treatment when you are truly happy with your design...

A detailed and personalized consultation will be discussed before you begin your treatment. This includes understanding your skin type, lifestyle, preference and introduction of our different styles and techniques. We will proceed to draw an outline using our facial golden ratio shaping technique and our professional artists will listen to what you want to achieve and recommend the best treatment(s) to help you reach your goals. We will only begin with the semi-permanent treatment once you are ready, happy and completely satisfied with the outline.

We don't rush...

We want all our clients to walk out of our studio feeling even more beautiful and confident after their treatment(s). Our priority is allocating plenty of time to dedicate our focus and passion to each client, thus to achieve the best possible results for you.

We put our professional experience and trusted reputation to deliver quality results...

Our Jo Artysan team of professionals are highly qualified and skilled, have experience in the industry for numberous years, have undergone extensive and advanced training to ensure that they are equipped with the latest knowledge on technology and techniques to deliver the best possible results.

The Jo Artysan team is exclusively formed of only the very best professional artists, and headed up by Director and Founder, Jo herself.

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