Welcome to Jo Artysan: Become the most Beautiful version of YOU

Become the most beautiful version of YOU.


When you first entered our website, an inspired silence spread across our studio nestled in Prime Central Orchard road. For a split-second, we could see it – you, in our cozy studio, getting the awe-inspiring beauty treatments you’ve wanted for so, so long.

As a beauty aesthetic boutique, we focus on and are highly specialized in semi-permanent make-up solutions – including microblading, eyeliner and hairline embroidery, eyelash extensions, lash lifting, and tinting services in Singapore. We may be small, but we’re provide only bespoke services that brings you only the best! As a dedicated, passionate, young, and DRIVEN artist, we care deeply about your unique needs. We wouldn’t offer any service that we wouldn’t personally use ourselves. 

We vow to deliver the most value for your hard-earning money. That’s the Jo Artysan promise, and that’s a promise we’ll keep.


What’s Concerning You?

  • Sparse brows?

  • Empty spots between brows?

  • Alopecia?

  • Undefined brows?

  • Short lashes?

  • Droopy lashes?

  • Want bigger, brighter eyes?

  • Balding hair spots?

  • Low confidence?

  • Don’t feel beautiful…?


Stop right there. Every woman has the God-given right to look and feel drop-dead gorgeous. The power of cosmetic tattooing and semi-permanent makeup is nothing short of incredible. Anything is possible. We work hard to follow evolving industry trends, so you can rest easy knowing your treatment WILL be up-to-date with what’s hot worldwide.

Why Us?

We know what you’re thinking. With so many microblading and permanent make up (PMU) companies out there, why Jo Artysan? That’s an easy one. While Singapore is peppered with “similar” salons, our clients understand that we are the country’s most prized hidden gem, offering services that are professional, personalized, and most importantly, all about you. 

We do NOT offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our services are tailored to be just as unique as you. With today’s “information overload,” we’re here to help you make easier, better decisions. 

Choose Jo Artysan, and come visit us today!

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