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Covid-19 Client Advisory

We are committed to keep our client, staff, and environment safe during these extraordinary times.
As we all enter into a pandemic era, our operations at Jo Artysan have also further tightened our Safety Measures. 
This includes:

(a) 1. Sanitising of hands for both client and staff 
(b) 2. Frequent sanitising and disinfecting of high contact and touch point areas
(c) 3. Thorough cleaning and sanitising of furniture in the studio daily

We are also happy to be operating business as usual, as all our services are Mask-On for both client and staff. 
Please note that we will halt our Lip Blush services until it is advised by the Government authorities that it is safe to do so.
As part of precautionary measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of all staff and clients in Jo Artysan,
please kindly notify us before attending your appointment: 
(d) 1. If any family member is issued a Stay Home Notice, Quarantine Order or Leave of Absence 
(e) 2. If you display any symptoms of being unwell

Thank you for your kind cooperation and we look forward to serve you better and safer. 
Stay well, and stay safe.

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