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Planning to get a Microblading treatment? This is what to expect and prepare for!

You have heard of Microblading.

It is not an alienated term these days as you may know someone who has gone-through a microblading treatment and are absolutely in love with their new brows. Fun-fact: about 3 in 5 ladies in Singapore have gotten a Microblading treatment. You can’t help but to feel inclined to find out more about this life-changing treatment! Now that you have set your mind and heart to get a microblading treatment, here is what to prepare for and expect during your session to manage your expectations!


Choosing the best Microblading and beauty salon for you:

The first step to after deciding to go for a Microblading treatment, is research, research, research! There are many beauty salons in the market that offers Microblading, the trick to this is to browse through their social media to take a look at their works. Different salons have different styles and even how they define “6D” or “9D” brows. Always feel free to email or drop salons an enquiry to understand the different brow styles they offer. Also, take a look at their reviews and see what their satisfied customers have to say! Salon reviews also shed a light on whether the salon is sanitary, hygienic and provides good customer service.

What is included in the service?

A thorough consultation, design of brows, aftercare package, and a touch up session are essentials to a great Microblading treatment experience and a successful recovery process. An esteemed salon will be able to provide you with an aftercare set that includes all the materials and steps to make sure your microbladed brows heal nicely and get the best pigment retention!

Are the artists and microblading techs skilled and willing to listen?

If it enhances your confidence in choosing the right salon, drop by the salon to have a consultation before booking an appointment. Look out for pointers that the artists display to show that they are compassionate individuals! Everyone has a different facial structure and has a desired brow shape in mind. This means your artist have to study and understand your natural brow bone and brow hairs before designing something highly personalized and fitting for you! Additionally, they need to have a great deal of knowledge in areas that include facial morphology and bone structure, colour analysis, brow shaping and design, colour theory, proper handling and sterilization of equipment, prevention of cross-contamination.

What to expect: (At Jo Artysan)

It is the long-awaited day of your microblading treatment! It is highly advised to allocate 3 hours of your time to your session and to have some food before you begin. After all, you would not want this process to be rushed on your face.

The salon presents a team of experienced brow architects and they will require you to sit through a short consultation before proceeding to get your brows measured according to the golden ratio of your face prior to your artist designing a fitting brow shape for you. During this design consultation, you will also get to learn and understand the types of brows that the salon specialises in. Your artist will be able to advise you on the best style and colour for your desired look.

If you are easily susceptible to pain, do not let the thought of microblading give you jitters! Your artist will make sure that your brow area is numbed well before starting on the treatment. Now sit back, relax, and let your artist do the magic. You may even put in your earpieces, listen to music or watch your favourite drama or movie.

In about 3 hours, wake up to a pair of beautifully transformed microbladed brows! Your artist will then take you through the aftercare steps that you need to take note of during your daily routine to make sure you get the best of your recovery process. On average, the brows will take 7-14 days to scab and up to a month to fully heal. It is also perfectly normal to not meet the estimated timeline as each individual’s skin is unique. When in doubt, always feel free to drop your salon a message.

All in all, having good experience is important. It takes a lot of heart and soul to get good at the art of microblading and semi-permanent makeup as well as the experience of working with various pigments on different skin types. “Someone can advertise that they are offering microblading, but that doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.”. Be prepared, set your expectations and you are good to book yourself a life-changing microblading experience!

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