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The Golden Ratio Principle In Eyebrow Microblading

Updated: May 20

In Mathematics, the ratio is represented by the Greek letter phi. It refers to the number that can be approximated to 1.618.

The golden ratio appears in some patterns in nature, including the spiral arrangement of leaves and other plant parts.

Some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world has been considered to have a face that is proportional to the Golden Ratio.

The mouth and nose are each positioned at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin.

Similar proportions can been seen from the side, and even the eye and ear itself (which follows along a spiral).

It has been said that the more closely our proportions adhere to phi - the more "attractive" those traits are perceived.

Applying the Golden Ratio Principle For Eyebrows

This concept originated from Beverly Hills Anastasia Soare. She is known as the “Eyebrow Queen” whose products are behind Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama’s brows.

According to her -

“My goal is always to bring a sense of balance, symmetry, and proportion to each individual face. The brows are an essential starting point. With perfectly built arches, the rest of your features are instantly enhanced and brought into focus.”

The Science and the Art of Eyebrow Microblading Process

At Jo Artysan - we use the Golden Ratio to ensure that your brows are perfectly shaped and suited to each individual face. This is the science of eyebrow microblading.

We need to understand where your brows should start, arch and end to create a natural-looking brow that's in proportion with the rest of your face - aka the golden ratio.

In the process of creating great brows - we cannot follow the shape of your brows as they are.

There is an art required to do microblading well. While the process creates a semi-permanent tattoo - there is no worry about cumbersome wires, power supplies and vibrations.

We believe in drawing it naturally - there is an art to it.

The technique is very artistic and intuitive; allowing the eyebrow artist’s design to “flow” from her mind to the canvas of the skin.

Our process includes actually measuring your eyebrow lengths and dimensions in proportion to the rest of your face.

With over 1000 pairs of eyebrows shaped - this process is almost second nature to me.

We believe in making your eyebrows look natural. With our microblading techniques that creates a classic and timeless look for your brows - you will look like a better version of yourself.

This means your brows will look like no one else’s.

Unfortunately, due to increasing demand for my time - my eyebrow microblading service rates will be increased in 2020.

If you are ready to look good for 2020 and beyond - our eyebrows are designed to last for 1-2 years - book an appointment slot today.

About the Author

Jo setup Jo Artysan to bring beautiful and fuss-free eyebrows to everyone. Her clients range from the young to the young at heart. She has personally shaped the brows of over 1,000 clients for the past 3 years.

Address: 111 Somerset Rd, #02-44 to #02-48 TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164Email:

WhatsApp: +65 8889 2880

Opens: 10am-9pm (Tues to Sat). Strictly By Appointment Only.

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